The Great Awakening is happening now. Earth's timeline for Ascension is now 2027. We are at the end of an important cycle of time, what the Mayan's call a Great Year, 25,920 years. As humans, we either ascend into a higher vibration or repeat another Great Year in third density. Those are the choices and the clock is ticking.

You are an infinite soul, eternal and part of a benevolent universe and One infinite Creator. You exist beyond space and time, beyond religion and human constructs. You came to Earth to grow, to experience third density, to learn your lessons. You have a unique Purpose that only you can fulfill. Your love and positive intentions affect the entire planet. You are that important!

Collectively, we are in such a critical time, because as a soul family, we are moving into a higher realm of existence. Our carbon-based bodies are becoming crystalline. We are becoming more aware of our multidimensionality. We are recognizing the holographic nature of Earth, as well as the evil that has a chokehold on the planet, keeping us sick and enslaved.

You are beginning (or maybe you've been on this road for a long time) to recognize your Divine self, the soul part of you that knows that things are changing and it's time to help others recognize this too.




Are you ready to become a Certified Great Awakening Teacher & help others ascend?

It's time to wake others up so everyone can finally relax and be themselves, aligned with their soul and divine purpose. It's time to heal from the pain that was created by the not-self, karmic imbalances and illusions of third-density human constructs. It's time to heal from Spiritual Starvation and the suffering that results from it. It's time to move back into love.


Here's what other people have said:


Cynthia has helped me become aligned and in tune in my life. I have much more joy and happiness than I imagined. Thank you for getting me through a difficult spot and over into the light.

Spiritual Virtual Assistant


Cynthia's been very helpful for me. To radiate love is amazing. She's helped me immensely and I really trust her processes.


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While most teacher training programs focus on a single path or process, the Great Awakening Teacher Certification brings in a dynamic and multidimensional set of trainings so that you can more deeply assist others with their specific needs and challenges.

This training has come about from the Pleiadian Council of Light, a benevolent extraterrestrial group that is assisting those with "ears to hear" to raise their vibrational attunements. Cynthia also brings her 20 years of coaching and mentoring to make it fun and easily applied.


The term "dermatoglyphic epigenetics" was introduced to me by the Pleiadian Council of Light. It means "rising above your genes through finger and palmar print patterns." In other words, our hands not only show us our life purpose, personality and life path, something I've studied for over 17 years. They have portals to access our multidimensionality and ascend our limitations. By knowing how to access and work with them, we can transform our lives, ascend in our spirituality and manifest our dream life, which is our Divine birthright as co-creators.

Portal 1: Willpower and setting intentions

Portal 2: Ancestral and ET lineage

Portal 3: Chosen work and duties

Portal 4: Creative expression

Portal 5: Higher truth and wisdom

Portal 6: Soulmate love and healing

Portal 7: Potential co-creation

Portal 8: Karmic neutralization

Portal 9: Inner strength and self knowledge

Portal 10: Collective willpower

Portal 11: Change and the Cosmic Heart

Part of this training includes working with and healing through these multidimensional portals.

A Message from the Pleiadian Council of Light:

The DNA coding in your body is a magnificent reflection of divine perfection. When you begin to work with your dermatoglyphic epigenetics you will be able to activate specific genes already within your biological system.

We are sharing with you multiple ways to bring enlightenment to your being so that you may grow and expand not only in your abilities, but also to maintain and return to the divine perfection that you already are.

When you apply the Aspects of Ascension, you will be able to assist others to:

Portals no text
  • Embrace change more easily
  • Discover their true and authentic Self
  • Learn their lessons
  • Neutralize their karma
  • Embody their exalted Self
  • Embrace higher and higher states of love and bliss
  • Co-create with Source

Is this program right for you?

This certification is your perfect match if you have a sensitive and caring heart, with a deep desire to help others achieve what you know is possible for them, but you're not sure exactly how to help them or what to do. 

You have that feeling deep within you. You instinctively know there's more to life, something that adds profound fulfillment and meaning. You recognize that there is a Great Awakening happening and you are being called to assist.

Consider this feeling your personal invitation from the universe. As you learn to help others, your Ascension is also activated!

Our program is the ideal choice if you're daring enough to make an investment in yourself. Here, you'll delve deep within, grow, heal, and shed what no longer serves you. You'll reconnect with all facets of your being, uncover your unique gifts, and invite your spiritual guides from the other side. Most importantly, it's an opportunity to wholeheartedly commit to yourself and savor the joy throughout your journey.

Our program is your sanctuary if you're prepared to put in the work and apply the teaching to your spiritual or coaching business. You're searching for a dedicated mentor to guide you, someone who can anchor your energy, especially when the path gets challenging.

This program is your doorway to explore what Ascension really is, living as a multidimensional soul with dignity, Purpose and sovereignty.

If you're ready to ignite your inner fire, embrace your own ascension and practice helping others do the same, this program is tailor-made for you. Your journey awaits.

Here's What's Included:

Level 1: Ascended Heart: 10 Weeks

One on One

1 on 1 Onboarding Strategy Session

Dive into your own transformation with a 1 on 1 onboarding strategy session with Cynthia. We will talk about your goals and set up your path to quickest success.

Monthly One-on-One Coaching Sessions with Cynthia

Let me assist you each month in whatever is most important to you! Let's stay current in what's going on with you to keep you on track and making progress. There is no reason for you to stay stuck in your personal and spiritual growth.

1 on 1
Hand Analysis

Hand Analysis

Your hands are one of the best ways to discover your true and authentic self. Some of what we'll uncover include your Life Purpose, Life Lessons, talents, your abundance archetypes, ET lineage (if you have one), heart chambers, compatibility and more!

Weekly Office Hours & Mastermind Sessions

Engage with Cynthia and other participants to ask questions and practice mastering the tools and protocols together so that you become more and more confident in your abilities to transform your client's lives.

Office Hours
Recorded Training

Level 1 Includes:

  • Introduction to Spiritual Ascension
  • Journey of the Soul
  • 7 Aspects of Ascension
  • Ascended Heart Training
  • Healing Music for the Heart
  • Heart Chamber Healing & Invocations
  • Working with Clients

Level 2: Ascended Mind & Body: 4 Months

Level 2 Includes:

  • Changing subconscious beliefs through the 11 palm portals
  • Reading fingerprints and Starseed lineages
  • Identifying the 22 Hand Shape Archetypes to recognize subconscious personality influences
  • Applying the 7 Aspects of Ascension more deeply
  • Healing the Thought and Body Chambers
Recorded Training

Level 3: Ascended Spirit: 5 Months

Recorded Training

Level 3 Includes:

  • Detailed hand analysis so you can identify key markers of the soul
  • Healing the Fire Chambers
  • How to Perform Palm Portal Healing
  • How to Perform the Cosmic Heart Reconnection
  • How to Activate the Crystalline Light Body
  • How to fine-tune your coaching or healing business
Custom music

Custom-Created Meditation Music

Have access to meditation music to enhance your meditation work with the fingerprint portals. These 33-minute songs were composed by the talented musician, Sam Gill, and are also used for the guided portal meditations. 

Connect with Your Intuition & the Higher Dimensional Realms

Learn how to enhance your own intuitive abilities and work directly with your spirit guides, angels, Archangels and benevolent ET's from the Galactic realm. Practice automatic writing and other intuition exercises. It's time to re-unite with your cosmic family!

Connect with Intuition
FB Group Cover

Private Facebook Group

This is where we all can connect, share wins, ask questions, and play a little:).  If something comes up, you don’t have to wait until the next call.  Tap into all of the wisdom and energy of the group.  I will also be in the group and available for any questions. I also do regular livestreams. This is a great place to share and get support.

You Will Also Receive These Bonuses!

Group Transformation

Each month you will the opportunity to participate in a variety of group transformation sessions, including group palm portal healing, group guidance, and group manifestation sessions. You will also have your Reconnections, including a Cosmic Heart Reconnection and axiatonal alignment.

Total Value of These Monthly Services: $1188

Meet Your Spiritual Mentor, Cynthia Clark

Cynthia Front Door Square
Hi, I’m Cynthia Clark, Spiritual Mentor, Hand Analyst Expert, Channeler, Speaker, Author & Healer

It is truly my pleasure to assist you in your spiritual growth! An entrepreneur since I was 24, a profound déjà-vu experience led me to study hand analysis after selling my restaurant. Since then, I’ve worked with over 8,000 people in nearly 20 years to manifest all types of abundance and spiritual growth. I now meditate daily and channel messages from my spirit guides, Higher Self, angelic and galactic realms.

I’m the author of Stories in Your Hands, Palmistry Tarot and The Mojo of Multidimensional Manifesting: Unlocking True Abundance Through Spiritual Ascension. I use multiple gifts to accelerate Ascension.

I work with people worldwide through my online multidimensional training programs to not only help them to manifest more abundance, but also teach and practice ascension tools to assist them in raising their awareness and vibration toward the higher dimensional realms.

Kieren Google Testimonial

Trina Jones"Cynthia has helped me in so many ways. She is a true professional and expert in her field. I highly recommend her in any capacity."

Trina Jones, Project Manager

Nataliya testimonial

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

What if I can't attend the sessions live?

We may rotate our office hours to accommodate multiple time zones and schedules. You may also submit questions at any time and receive an answer typically within 24 hours.

I'm busy! How much time is required?

You can be successful in this program with about 6 hours per week.

How is this different than other programs?

I will be sharing teachings not only from my 20 years of training in personal development, but you will receive my latest transmissions AND be able to apply them right away to your spiritual business.

Do I have to commit a minimum amount of time?

Yes, the full certification is an 11-month commitment, however you may do this in stages starting with Level 1, which is only 10 weeks.  After that, it is up to you if you would like to continue with the training.  It takes time to learn and integrate ascension processes while you co-create a professional practice that feels meaningful and builds the impact you want to have. 

What does the certification provide me?

You will have access to certification materials that you will be able to use in your spiritual business. At the completion of each level of certification, you should be confident in performing a variety of transformation sessions to assist clients with their spiritual growth and ascension.

Customer Testimonial Disclaimer: As with any business and online training, your results using our programs can significantly vary from the stated testimonials. We cannot guarantee financial or other results because any outcome is based on many factors, such as knowledge, effort, skillset, time devoted to life, and work pursuits, along with dozens of other external factors. It takes real work, effort, and persistence to be successful. We promise to guide and provide you with our best strategies, tools, and techniques to help you succeed; however, we are not able to guarantee your results.