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Learn directly from the Galactic & Angelic Realms with Vibrational Attunements so that you can accelerate your manifestations and spiritual growth! Plus, join with me live twice per month for exclusive guidance sessions!

No matter how successful you are, even spiritual high achievers struggle in some part of their lives, seeing results in certain areas but not in others. For example, you may be highly accomplished in your career, helping lots of people, but not doing well in your own relationship. Or you may be seeing on and off results without any consistency. My spirit guides offer me suggestions and trainings to elevate your vibration so that you can move forward confidently in your life.

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Wouldn't it be great to receive timely monthly vibrational attunements and training to nourish your soul,  so you will be able to manifest any abundance you desire, plus be able to ask me questions and receive guidance so that you can:

  • Stay on track with your life purpose & what's most important to you
  • Focus on the guidance from the higher dimensional realms
  • Raise your vibration and noticeably shift your energy into alignment with abundance

Come and join the party! The doors are now open for YOU to receive some of my advanced training and energetic attunements at a very affordable price.

You must be able to consistently follow a spiritual discipline and attune your energetic vibration to match your purpose and direction. In Portals of Abundance membership, we not only analyze your hands, which are the road map to your life, we connect with your Higher Self through tarot readings and learn directly from the Higher dimensional realms. We use a high-tech algorithmic rejuvenation program to actually shift your vibration to assist you with your spiritual growth and development.

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I receive transmissions from the Pleiadian Council of Light to assist those with ears to hear. My monthly trainings include direct messages from these higher dimensional Beings to elevate your vibration and assist you in your spiritual growth. Here is one of their recent transmissions:

We are the Pleiadian Council of Light and are here to continue your progression of the heart chamber healing that is much needed by nearly every human on Earth. If all heart chambers are healed and fully functioning, the amount of love being expressed would increase many trillion times over and change all of Gaia's vibrations to Ascension. This is the importance of this work. Do not underestimate its value.

Here's what others have said:

Sheila Tye, Spiritual Virtual Assistant

"...My phone has been blowing up with job offers...and I didn't even tell anyone."

Suzanne Platt

"I noticed an immediate shift after my session. There was no longer arguing going on in my head, I had profound clarity. I dived into my day which usually it takes me much longer. I look forward to another session!"


“I feel so honored and lucky to have met you, learned from you and I consider you a wonderful friend. Thank you for everything you helped me through over these last few months. My life has greatly been improved due to your gifts and skill sets. Blessings to you.”


 "It helped me calm my over-active mind of the day, as well as left me feeling peaceful for a restorative night’s sleep. Thank you for the blessing that you have been and continue to be in my life. Thank you for sharing and walking the path with me and so many others.”

Here's a message from Archangel Gabriel about manifesting: 

Recognize your ability as a co-creator of your life to impact and shift the denser energies around you, even just by holding positive thoughts in your heart. You have more power and influence than you realize, begin to use words of power to awaken abundance in your life and to be a more joyful and abundant Being.

These words of power are taught through my monthly transmissions and you will have direct access to not only the TRAINING, but we actually ATTUNE your energy field too!

When you experience the  Portals of Abundance monthly training and attunements, you will be shifting into:

  • A new sense of peace and love
  • Energetic sovereignty
  • A feeling of empowerment, ease and joy
  • Alignment with your greater soul's purpose
  • Ability to make a much bigger impact on the planet
  • Ability to help others who matter most to you

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Portals of Abundance

This monthly membership keeps your energy attuned to abundance as you make progress in your spiritual growth!

Monthly Abundance & Miracles to Keep You on Track in Your Spiritual Development

  • Monthly training directly channeled from Cynthia's spirit guides
  • Keep your manifesting mojo going
  • Work with symbols and powerful invocations
  • Watch and listen to a targeted attunement as many times as you need to anchor in the vibrational shift
  • Using high-tech algorithmic rejuvenation technology that communicates directly with your cells
  • Discover multidimensional manifesting and a new paradigm of yourself
  • Experience newfound freedom and ease
  • Break free from energetic misalignments once and for all

What's Included in Your Monthly Membership

Take charge of your spiritual abundance with our empowering offerings! Membership includes 4 Portals of Abundance!

Channeled Training & Energetic Attunements

Receive the latest training from my guides and raise your vibration in the process. I channel messages from the galactic and angelic realms, receiving advanced guidance that they want me to share for "those with ears to hear." It's all about your spiritual ascension!

Live Group Tarot Readings

Participate monthly in our group readings. When I use tarot and oracle cards, I connect directly with your Higher Self to assist you in moving forward in your life.

Live Group Hand Readings

Stay on track with your life by participating in our monthly group hand readings. Your hands are the mirror to YOU! They are one of the best ways to understanding your energy and to make better choices in your life. And they change as you change!

5 Mini-Manifestations

These short manifestation attunements help you change your vibration to align with various types of abundance. I will choose 5 for you each month. Here are some examples:

  • Increase your intuition
  • Sleep better
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Tap into more money abundance
  • Gain more confidence
  • These will rotate each month!

About Cynthia Clark, Spiritual Abundance Mentor, Channeler, Author, Speaker, Pilot

I have worked with over 7,000 people in the last 16 years to manifest all types of abundance. I meditate daily and channel messages from my spirit guides, Higher Self, angelic realm and the Pleiadian Council of Light. I am the author of Stories in Your Hands, Palmistry Tarot and The MOJO of Multidimensional Manifesting. I use my gifts in channeling, dermatoglyphic epigenetics and alternative healing to help others transform their lives. My Portals of Abundance monthly membership helps people ascend their limitations to create new levels of abundance and fulfillment using channeled guidance and multi-dimensional transformation tools. I'm excited to assist you in your spiritual abundance!

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“I’ve always been confused on what career field I should go into but my hand reading has really helped me narrow my options, and I feel more confident about what I should do. That goes the same with decision making.”


“I highly recommend investing time and communication with Cynthia in regards to being guided to your highest potential with your heart, lovers, business, and the other various opportunities we juggle daily.”


“Cynthia’s been very helpful for me. To radiate love and increase our manifesting is amazing. She’s helped me immensely and I really trust her processes.”

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