Stop intermittent results with the Law of Attraction by anchoring the 8 Essential Intentions.

8 Essential Intentions

Abundance Alignment for Heart-Centered Spiritual Seekers!

Even determined and successful people struggle in some part of their lives, seeing results in certain areas but not in others. For example, you may be highly accomplished in your spiritual profession, helping lots of people, but not doing well in your own relationship. Or you may be seeing on and off results without any consistency and wondering why that is. The truth is, there are 8 essential intentions you need to have resonating in your energy field, or this pattern will continue indefinitely.


Once you apply the 8 Essential Intentions to your life,  you will be able to manifest any abundance you desire, plus there will be:

  • No more spinning your wheels on things that don't matter to you
  • No more wondering if you're worth it
  • No more being stuck in your past, repeating patterns that have been long-outdated

It takes more than just changing your thoughts to create your life of abundance and miracles.

You've probably heard the buzz words, "thoughts become things" from various sources including the movie, the Secret. Maybe you've even tried to change your thinking, without any success. The truth is, it takes more than just changing your thoughts to manifest true abundance. You must be able to anchor the RIGHT thoughts and feelings into your energetic vibration.


Here's what others have said:

Sheila Tye, Spiritual Virtual Assistant

"...I manifested someone to repair my rock wall on Tuesday for only $6,000, down from other bids of $30,000 and potentially months of waiting."

Nataliya Gulla, Accountant

I am learning a lot from you in a very settled manner and the results are showing up already. You helped me to shift everything and to wake me up from some stagnant consistency of a repetitive (not so beneficial) pattern. I feel supported now and guided. I am starting to love my life again: life with a lot of unlimited possibilities to focus on, unknown tasks to explore & unreached heights to achieve.


Walker Eaton, Personal Trainer

"...I got six new clients in just one week..."

Here's a message from Archangel Gabriel about manifesting: 

Recognize your ability as a co-creator of your life to impact and shift the denser energies around you, even just by holding positive thoughts in your heart. You have more power and influence than you realize, begin to use words of power to awaken abundance in your life and to be a more joyful and abundant Being.

When you have Abundance Alignment, you will be able to experience:

  • A new sense of peace and love
  • Energetic sovereignty
  • A feeling of empowerment, ease and joy
  • Alignment with your greater soul's purpose
  • Ability to make a much bigger impact on the planet
  • Ability to help others who matter most to you


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Abundance Alignment

This online course has everything you need to anchor the 8 Essential Intentions so that you can manifest any abundance in your life!

Align Yourself to Abundance & Miracles in 3 Easy Modules in just 15 minutes per day!

  • Recognize which intentions are out of alignment in your energy field
  • Manifest in your personal priority
  • How to Work with Symbols
  • Premeditation Activation
  • Listen to guided meditations for each intention channeled directly from my spirit guides
  • Music is channeled from the Higher Dimensional realms to enhance your anchoring and custom-created for this program
  • Discover multidimensional manifesting and a new paradigm of yourself
  • Experience newfound freedom and ease
  • Break free from energetic misalignments once and for all

About Cynthia Clark, Spiritual Mentor, Hand Analyst Expert, Channeler, Author, Speaker, Healer

I have worked with over 8,000 people in the last 17 years to manifest all types of abundance. I meditate daily and channel messages from my spirit guides. I am the author of The MOJO of Multidimensional Manifesting, Stories in Your Hands and Palmistry Tarot. I use my gifts to help others transform their lives. My Abundance Alignment Course helps people ascend their limitations to create new levels of abundance and fulfillment using channeled guidance and multi-dimensional transformation tools.

C.Noble circle

“I'm already getting some impressive results after doing the Heart Chamber work all week. I've been releasing a lot of anger around men, and last night I had the most incredible healing dream! You are providing such a unique and wonderful service - thank you so much!”


“At some point early last night I suddenly was able to make a dynamic shift. I watched the shift happen. At one point I just got up out of my chair, went into the bathroom, washed my hands, face and neck with cold water, brushed my teeth, and when I got back in the room my energy had shifted dramatically to the positive and I became very creative. I worked on my site and other things until 2:30 in the morning, slept a little, and woke up feeling like I had made a breakthrough. I am feeling much more self-accepting and loving toward myself. Calmer too. ”


“The meditation was much appreciated. It helped me calm my over active mind of the day, as well as left me feeling peaceful for a restorative night’s sleep. Thank you for the blessing that you have been and continue to be in my life. Thank you for sharing and walking the path with me and so many others.”

It's as easy as:


Activate Your Money Portal

This lesson is designed to transform your vibrational agreements with money. If you have any bad money habits including not having enough money, not being able to get paid what you're really worth, not being able to save more than enough for whatever you need when you need it, then it's time to shift this!

In this bonus lesson you will:

  • Release all scarcity blocks
  • Activate & anchor new levels of money abundance into your resonance
  • Make a new agreement with money

Activate Your Money Portal TN

Get the Abundance Alignment Course Now!

Are you tired of life passing you by? Do you feel a nudge coming from the deep recesses of your soul that it's time to make a change? Are you ready to open yourself to true abundance, joy and fulfillment? Would you like to help the planet ascend and make a greater impact, just by stepping into who you really are as a multidimensional being of light?

It's YOUR Divine time!